As companies evolve they require new information systems, platforms and hardware for their businesses

As business requirements change, existing systems need to be adapted and migrated to more complex solutions, where communication and interconnection between them is of outmost importance to increase the organization’s productivity and efficiency.

Integración de soluciones y plataformas

To support this evolution process, Tecnova offers the Software Integration and Platforms service, which, with the support of the technical capabilities of its team of professionals, enables the integration of different systems and platforms in a correct and orderly manner, regardless of the complexity or original supplier of these technologies, always seeking the most appropriate solution for the systems to interact with each other.

Each integration initiative is analyzed from a business perspective first followed by a technical solution to ensure the success of the process.

Tecnova has its own proprietary integration methodology, defining phases, steps and activities, which are followed by its technical specialists and where the client and the different organization’s stakeholders have an active role and play an important role in the development and success of the project.