Tecnova participates in brand launch “Ch1I3, a digital country”

In coordination with three other companies belonging to Chiletec – Agence, Ki Teknology and Linets – that share the commercial development interest in the USA, the IT development company Tecnova, participated in the launch of the new brand “Ch1I3, a digital country_”, an initiative that It is supported by the Association of Chilean Technology Companies, Chiletec, with support from the ProChile Sector Brands program, which seeks to position Chile as a leading Latin American country in digital issues and as an excellent alternative for technological partners for North American companies.

“More than a year ago, we decided to start the construction of a sectoral brand that would support the process of exporting IT services. We articulated this initiative through ProChile funds, thus generating a powerful brand in the field of services. Chiletec’s role as representative of the guild has been very important, also giving it a reach to other destinations, such as APAC “, explained Cristián Ferrer, Manager of Tecnova.

The executive was emphatic in stating that “we are very satisfied with the achievements we have achieved so far, both in terms of the meaning of the brand ‘Ch1l3, a digital country_’, and of learning to work in coordination with ProChile; also of the results of the launches already made in New York, Philadelphia and San Francisco where more than 300 people linked to the industry participated. We have found a receptive market to our offer and we hope to realize business in the short term “.

Chile is a leader in Latin America in terms of global indexes of digitization and connectivity. In addition, it is a stable economic and institutional country, which is attractive to investors and potential clients, as well as human capital expert in technology.

On the other hand, Information Technologies represent 3.5% of the national GDP and 29% of the total exports of non-traditional services in the country and Chile has a private company with a lot of potential to do business and provide services at the same level. international, what this initiative seeks to support and develop.

“For Tecnova, being part of this process is very important, first because in strategic terms for the US software industry it represents a key market, and second, because it inspires us to lead this new stage of growth in Chile, based on the export of services, using the best of our engineering, talents and creativity “, said Cristián Ferrer.During 2018,” Ch1I3, a digital country_ “will be launched in Colombia, Peru and Mexico, the three countries that, together with Chile, make up the Pacific Alliance.

More information at www.ch1l3.com