Human Resources System Educational Institutions


A set of projects developed by our specialists helped the phased implementation of the human resources system of the organization dedicated to public preschool education. This way, the state institution was able to centralize all personnel information related to training, remuneration and other background.


How did we do it?

• Base architecture: We designed the base architecture for the human resources system, whose greatest complexity was in the remuneration and bonuses that govern the public system and the institution itself.

• Control Clock: We install a time-dial control system for internal and external officials of the institution with a local version that records the dialing events and a central version that collects and processes them for the generation of reports and registration of hours worked .

• Lifting Remuneration Process: We raise the remuneration processes that are used, particularly in regions, for the payment of salaries of civil servants. For this project we made the documentation of remuneration processes with process flow diagram, process description, procedure description (high level) and associated legislation.

• Online Registration System: We developed the platform for the enrollment of children independently by parents or guardians, through a new application to display a Web form with public access. Furthermore, we optimized the existing BackOffice system to support the improvements made by the institution.

The project took 30 months and included the work of 1 Project Manager, 1 Project leader, 1 Functional Analyst, 1 Architect, 3 Engineers, 1 QA Supervisor and 2 Tester.