The PAE / EPA (Electronic Administrative Procedure) project of SUSESO (Superintendency of Social Security / SUperintendencia de SEguridad SOcial), was developed by our Development team with the purpose of improving the quality of care and response to the community that comes to this institution as the last instance of processing your unpaid medical licenses.

SUSESO response time had prior to the implementation of the EAE were approximately four months. The goal, once the project is fully implemented, is for the response to queries to be 30 days, and so far, more than a 50% reduction on time responses to queries has been achieved. Another direct benefit to users is that they can currently track the process online. Hence, the community saves time and money. The impact of the PAE project is tangible and of great economic help for users who have had to reach this instance.

The PAE is aligned with the Digital Transformation Act that is driving the State and is based on the pillars of 0-line, 0 paper, Digital Unique Identity. It should be noted that it is the first project completed in this context, which is a source of great pride for the SUSESO and for us as implementers (

In addition, this project was recognized by the Ministry of Finance and the Inter-American Development Bank in the seminar “The End of Eternal Procedure” (

It should also be noted that the PAE was one of only 3 projects highlighted worldwide at the Oracle Open World event last September, highlighting Tecnova as an implementing company.


Great Purchase: ID31414

Duration: 481 days, 3,077 HH

Development Methodology: Incremental Waterfall

Team of 20 professionals consisting of: Project Manager, Engineers, Architects, Analysts.