Security Mutual (Mutual de Seguridad)


The Mutual de Seguridad entrusted Tecnova with the implementation of the Mutual Integra system, which consists of creating a component that acts as the “Inbox” with which users will interact during the execution of the process flows. In the Worklist the available and pending tasks are presented, and they can access the different forms and actions that allow the management and resolution of the background requests of the SUSESO (Social Security Superintendence). Oracle Process Worklist belonging to the Oracle BMP Suite technology was used for its development. This solution contains all the functionalities necessary for the control of the flows and tasks created for this project.


The Mutual Integra project was managed at the end of 2017, when SUSESO informed that it would change the way in which it would request the background to answer the claims related to the Insurance of Law 16,744, which would change from its manual management by paper to the referral via web . The foregoing led the area of ​​the Mutual Security Prosecutor to make the decision to develop a system to manage these requests.


The original process was done by mail which, due to the nature of the process, responses and interaction were very slow. Now the process to be digital is fast, transparent, allows scaling, SLA controls, reports, monitoring, control of each of the users, among others.


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