QA Service


An integral quality service implies the improvement and definition of a set of methodologies and their operation, for control activities such as Functional Testing, Load and Stress Testing, Source Code Inspection and Configuration Management, which is scalable and adaptable in time, that allows the generation of metrics to determine the quality of the final products. This is what we did with one of the most important isapres in the country.

Once the process is improved, we execute the activities defined on a continuous basis, and then review the process, together with the client, which allows us to identify opportunities for improvement. The methodologies were improved by applying quality models such as CMMI, good practices of ISTQB and, of course, the Tecnova experience.


Functional testing
We improve the current testing process by involving the quality team in the early stages of development. Our methodology considered the preparation and follow-up of cases, using the test management and incident management tools Testlink and Mantis Bugracker.

Core Systems test cases
We generate customer base test cases of the client core systems, to have a library that serves as a regression test and whose content could be reused in the future.

Permanent testing service
We have a team, which together with the client’s QA area, executes the activities using the functional testing methodology.

Source Code Inspection
We review the source code of the applications before starting functional tests, to detect defects that dynamic tests cannot detect, such as noncompliance with standards, unallocated variables, infinite loops, etc.

Load and Stress Test
We did a review of the application’s behavior with respect to the response times defined by the client, taking into account the recurring load of users and, or transactions.

Configuration Management
We organize the configuration management process to manage the baselines of the applications, keeping track of their status through QA tests, user tests, change control and maintenance, among others.